Prospective Members

Want to join a co-op house? Are you looking for something beyond the typical, anonymous, individualistic living situation? Live in a co-op because you like learning new things and getting to know people, because you like cooking and sharing meals with friends, because you like taking care of and managing a household and turning it into a home. A co-op is for people who want balance in their lives with healthy, home-cooked meals, a consistent dose of social interaction, and a clean and cheerful living space. Co-op members are students and professionals of all ages, extroverts and introverts, people interested in science and people interested in the arts. Co-op members are your community!

Co-op members rent their own bedrooms and pay flat monthly fees for groceries and utilities. House members team up each week to cook dinner for their roommates. Co-op houses are self-governed and members are expected to give part of their time each month for chores, meetings, and organizational positions.

Amenities include: gardens, porches, big backyards, fire pits, chicken coops, upright pianos, studio and workshop space, and plenty of parking for bikes!

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